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Dissertation Procedures

The PhD in Biological and Chemical Sciences is a full-time program with a dissertation based on original research that is normally completed in four years. The course code for the dissertation is BH899. You must register for BH899 in every term (fall, winter and spring) until you complete your program.

The procedure for completing your dissertation includes:

Composition of the Dissertation Advisory Committee

The departments of Biology and Chemistry and Biochemistry appoint a Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC) for each candidate consisting of a supervisor and two additional members chosen in consultation with the supervisor. The DAC is formed during the first term of the program. Members may come from either department, but do not necessarily have to. The supervisor and committee members must be members of the graduate faculty at Laurier.

Should it be deemed desirable to invite a member of the graduate faculty of another university (or another qualified individual) to act as a member of the DAC, this person should function as an additional member of the committee so that no committee would consist of fewer than three members of the Laurier graduate faculty.

An appointment to graduate faculty may only be made by the dean of graduate studies upon receipt of a written recommendation from the department.

The dean of graduate studies shall be informed of the appointed Dissertation Advisory Committee membership as soon as the candidate's topic is approved. Any change to the advisory committee composition must be made in writing to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office.

Monitoring of Graduate Student Progress

Students have a responsibility to maintain regular contact (i.e., at least monthly at the dissertation stage) with their supervisor. All doctoral students must submit an annual progress and activity report.

All documents relating to student progress should be submitted to the administrative assistant, who will obtain the program officer’s signature, make copies for distribution to the student and committee members, and submit a copy to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for inclusion in the student’s official file.