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Course Offerings

The following course information is provided for your convenience. Schedules are subject to change and should be checked on LORIS, where location information can also be found. Full, official academic information, including prerequisites and exclusions, can be found on the graduate academic calendar.

Unless otherwise indicated, courses are 0.5 credit and held on the Waterloo campus.

BH800: Perspectives in Biological and Chemical Sciences

Within the framework of the three areas of research strength (environment and health, biotic interactions, and structure and reactivity) in the program, this elective course will explore the fundamental approaches to scientific inquiry and analysis of data as it applies to different disciplines in biology and chemistry. Through critical reading, presenting research articles, and preparing research proposals in their field of study, students will develop an understanding of research planning and methodology, as well as an appreciation for the approaches taken in disciplines other than their field of study.

BH810: Research Proposal and Qualifying Examination

The research proposal and qualifying exam is required of PhD candidates to demonstrate broad knowledge in their research area in addition to their specific research topic; it is normally completed in the fourth and not later than the fifth term after entering the program. Based on the candidate’s defence of his/her research proposal and responses to questions, the Qualifying Exam Committee (QEC) will render a pass, fail or deferred decision on the exam.

BH820: Chemistry-Biology Interface Seminar

All students in the program must attend the Chemistry-Biology Interface Seminar, which will typically run in the fall and winter terms, for the duration of their time in the program. The seminar will include presentations from guest speakers, as well as faculty from the program. Students are also expected to attend other Biology- or Chemistry-specific seminars, as appropriate. Graded on a pass/fail basis.

BH821 Research Seminar

Students are required to present their research at least once before graduation, normally in the last year of their doctoral studies. The research seminar is a public event and will be announced through the office of the Program Coordinator. It is required that all graduate students in the program attend these seminars. Graded as complete/incomplete

BH890: Advanced Special Topics in Biological and Chemical Sciences: Exploring Chem-Bio Interface

This elective course focuses on theoretical and experimental interdisciplinary special topics in the areas of biology and chemistry and may emphasize the interrelationship between research in different areas of chemistry, biology and their broad interface.

BH899: PhD Dissertation

Students prepare a dissertation on their original research in biological and/or chemical sciences, and present this dissertation to their Dissertation Examination Committee (DEC) composed of the members of the Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC) and at least one external examiner as described in the regulations and procedures for the doctoral dissertation section of the Laurier Graduate Calendar. The external examiner and chair for the dissertation defence are appointed by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

  • 6.0 Credits