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Apply to Graduate

Note: You are required to apply to graduate regardless of whether you intend to participate in the scheduled ceremony events.

You need to submit an application to graduate through LORIS under the "Student Services" tab.

Application Deadlines and Fees

Spring Convocation

  • The application is available from Nov. 25 to Jan. 15
  • Late applications will be accepted from Jan. 16 to April 15; a late fee of $62.03 will apply

Fall Convocation

  • The application will be available June 24 - August 1
  • Late applications will be accepted from Aug. 2 to Sep. 30; a late fee of $62.03 will apply 

Note: Absolutely no applications are accepted after the final deadlines.

Status of Your Application

If you have applied to graduate, check your status on LORIS under "Unofficial Record of Course Work." The status of your application will change from "Applied for" to "Granted" once all of your final grades have been received, your record has been reviewed and you have met all program requirements for graduation. If requirements have not been met you will be notified by mail or email as soon as possible and you will also be able to view this under "Unofficial Record of Course Work." Any changes to your application to graduate must be submitted in writing to Enrolment Services or through the Application to graduate change form.

If you click on the link to view the application to graduate you submitted on LORIS under "Student Services," the "Application Status" will read: "Application Received." The "Application Status" will not change unless further information regarding the name to appear on your degree is required; then it will change to "Waiting for Name Documentation." If this appears you will receive an email with instructions from Enrolment Services.

If all graduation requirements have been met, approximately two weeks before the convocation ceremony you will be sent an email to confirm the degree, program, date and time of the ceremony. If you have a hold on your account you will receive a different email to confirm the details of the hold and instructions to clear it before graduation. A hold on your account will prohibit you from participating at the convocation ceremonies and receiving your degree or any other official university documents.

Confirmation of graduation letters can be requested through Enrolment Services.

If you require a certificate of degree standing (Pre-Convocation Certificate for Visa Purposes) prior to receiving the degree at the ceremony contact for more information.