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Prepare for Graduation & Convocation

Pre-Graduation Checklist

You've applied to graduate, now what? Here's your pre-ceremony checklist:

Review Your Ceremony Invitation & RSVP

Ceremony invitations are sent to email accounts mid-spring for June ceremonies and late summer for October/November ceremonies. Invitations contain detailed instructions with a link on how to RSVP your attendance.

We ask for all graduates to RSVP, even if you are not planning to attend the ceremony, as the response is crucial for planning purposes.  It also helps to avoid delays in receiving your degree/diploma for those that do not attend. 

As individual email settings may vary, please be sure to check your spam/junk folders and inbox focused filters and settings.

If you are not attending your ceremony, or if circumstances change and you do not attend your ceremony, you will receive instructions to your email on how to receive your degree the week after ceremonies are complete. You will be able to pick up your degree or receive it by courier (at a cost).

Attending your convocation ceremony?

Attendance Fee, Student Ticket and Regalia

Once you've RSVP'd that you're attending your ceremony, you'll be prompted to complete a transaction to provide payment of your attendance fee which includes cost of the regalia rental. The fees for 2024 are:

  • Undergrad/Masters: Attendance fee ($26.04) + Regalia rental ($33 + HST) = $63.33
  • PhD: Attendance fee ($26.04) + PhD Regalia rental ($125.50 + HST) = $167.86

You must present your Graduate Ticket as proof of payment to collect your regalia the day of your ceremony. 

Ceremony Guest Tickets

We know how important it is for graduates and loved ones to celebrate at convocation. That is why we use a multi-round distribution system that ensures graduates have equal opportunity to claim guest tickets. Additionally, we make every effort to fill each available seat for guests to join the celebration.

Guest tickets are required for all ceremonies and can only be claimed by the graduate during the RSVP process.

Round One: Each graduate is eligible to claim up to 2 guest tickets in Round One. Guest tickets are no longer guaranteed after the Round One deadline.

Round Two: In the days following the close of Round One, staff will evaluate the availability of unclaimed tickets based on graduate participation and the number of guest tickets claimed to date.  Information about a second release of guest tickets will be sent to mylaurier email accounts to those who have completed a transaction. Graduate tickets continue to be available in Round Two, though guest tickets are no longer guaranteed.

Final Round: Staff will conduct a review of all ticket orders approximately one week before ceremonies. At this time, there will be a final release of all available unclaimed tickets. Similar to Round Two, a message will be sent to mylaurier email accounts. 

Please do not submit email requests for additional tickets as such messages will not receive a response. 

Graduates with guests traveling internationally should consult the information posted by Laurier International about Temporary Resident Visas

Guests without tickets are welcome to campus to celebrate with you and can watch a live stream of the ceremony from a personal device, viewing room or any of the campus televisions.

Each guest should have their own printed or electronic ticket available for admission. Be sure to review  guest information for your ceremony

Indigenous Graduates

Indigenous graduates who have completed the Indigenous Identity Verification Process can wear Indigenous attire (First Nations, Métis, Inuit), instead of a black gown to their convocation ceremony. 

Indigenous graduates who have completed the Indigenous Identity Verification Process, will also receive a stole from the Office of Indigenous Initiatives. In order to receive your stole, and to let us know that you are wearing traditional regalia, please complete the Indigenous Identity Verification Process and the Indigenous Graduates form after you RSVP for your ceremony.

For more information on convocation services for Indigenous students please visit Indigenous Student Services

Day of Ceremony Information

Here's a look at what do expect on the day of your ceremony: 

What to Wear

What you wear is up to you! All gradautes, other than those who complete the Indigenous Identity Verification Process, wear a robe during the ceremony. We strongly encourage careful consideration in selecting footwear as you will spend a considerable amount of time standing and walking leading up to and during the ceremony. No pins, sashes, or accessories may be worn over the robe.

Laurier's convocation regalia does not include a hat/cap/mortar board. 


For Waterloo, complimentary parking is available in the parking lots closest to Lazaridis Hall in our white and gold parking lots. Please note the reserved spots within these lots are not available. Our staff and attendants will be on site to assist and direct you and your guests to available parking lots. Accessible parking is available in the parking lots closest to Lazaridis Hall for graduates and guests who have requested it. Please refer to the Waterloo Campus Parking Map for further information on where to park.

For Brantford, there are a number of private and public parking lots available within walking distance of the Sanderson Centre. Visit the City of Brantford website for more information about municipal lots and street parking, including time limits.

Arrive Early

For Waterloo, arrive at Lazaridis Hall 60 minutes early to:

  • check-in
  • pick-up your regalia on the third floor

For Brantford, arrive at One Market (Dalhousie & Market Street entrance) 90 minutes early to:

  • check-in
  • pick up your regalia
  • As part of a Brantford campus tradition, graduates are led by the academic procession through the downtown campus district to the Sanderson Centre.  We strongly encourage appropriate footwear for this approximately 15-minute parade march

Pick Up Your Regalia

Show your Graduate Ticket, either printed or electronically, as proof of payment for the attendance fee and regalia rental. Regalia is available for all body types. Do not discard your ticket as this will be used for regalia return.

During the Ceremony

Convocation Marshals will provide pre-ceremony instructions and guide you throughout the ceremony to help you enjoy the event! 

Consent to Photography and Video

Participants in Laurier's convocation ceremonies are consenting to Wilfrid Laurier University recording, altering, broadcasting, reproducing and using their visual and/or aural likeness from any still images, video recordings and/or audio recordings, in any medium, for any purpose, for perpetuity. Wilfrid Laurier University is the copyright owner of the recorded materials, and reserves all rights.