Sustainable Hawk Fund

The world of sustainability is forever changing and growing, and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to explore what you are passionate about!

Since 2015, we have dedicated up to $30,000 annually to help grow sustainability ideas that benefit the Laurier community (including you) through the Sustainable Hawk Fund (SHF). We want to leverage Laurier’s entrepreneurial and community spirit by engaging students such as yourself, faculty and staff to integrate sustainability practices into all aspects of student life at Laurier.

Tomatoes on a vine
Tomatoes on a vine from the Food Justice Garden, a project from 2020.

"The projects initiated through the fund leave a positive, long-lasting legacy for faculty, staff and students with a collective dedication to sustainability."

Eric Meliton, manager, Sustainability Office

How to Apply


You must complete the online application and the budget template to be considered as an applicant by the identified deadline.

There is one program application date per calendar year, and the application is open for 60 days. 

The Sustainable Hawk Fund Application period for 2023/24 is now closed. The next application period will open in fall of 2024.

Step One: Complete the Online Application

Complete the online application. Your project should fit into one of the main themes in the Sustainability Action Plan (e.g., waste, climate, engagement, diversity, etc.).

Along with the application, you may submit any of the optional supporting documentation listed below via email:

  • business plan
  • poster/creative design
  • project deliverables and goals

Step Two: Submit Your Budget

Submit the budget template via email to To complete the budget template:

  1. Download the SHF Budget Template link.
  2. Complete the budget template for your project.
  3. Submit to


All students, staff, and faculty are eligible to apply to the Sustainable Hawk Fund.

For additional details on expense reimbursement, see the Funding Policy.

Eligible Expenses

When you submit the budget template in the application, consider the eligible and ineligible expenses. If there is an expense that you have that is not listed and you are unsure of whether it qualifies, contact the outreach and programs officer, before you submit your application.

  • Direct costs: Equipment purchases, workshop/event costs, building materials, supplies, and software/subscription-based items.
  • Communications and marketing: Printing/copying, postage, website, marketing and promotions, banners, and posters.
  • Other: Professional services, transportation expenses, food/catering, space rental, and equipment rental.

Ineligible Expenses

  • Operation costs: Staff salaries/wages.
  • Certain event expenses (for example, alcohol).
  • Project team expenses: Gifts and meeting hospitality (for example, food and drinks).


After the applications are reviewed, the next stage will be identifying projects that will present a project pitch.


Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria.

  • Your project relates to at least one theme from the Laurier Sustainability Action Plan 2023-2028.
  • Your application is completed and includes the project description and the sustainability problem you are looking to address.
  • Your identified goals and objectives.
  • You have the option to identify how your sustainability solution/project addresses equity issues.
  • Whether the project can be replicated or produced on each campus.

Project Pitches

The Sustainable Campus Committee is tasked with judging all the final pitches. The committee is comprised of a mix of staff, faculty, and students who provide their input and feedback on project proposals.

Your project pitch must:

  • Adhere to the format of the pitch guideline (problem, solution, impact, and milestones).
  • Be relatable to sustainability on campus or directly in the community. Priority will be given to projects that enhance on campus sustainability.
Staff members holding honey comb panel
Staff members holding a panel from the Laurier Apiaries, a 2021/22 project.
Waste audit being conducted
A waste audit being conducted through the Green Lab, a 2022/23 project.
Student posing next to clothing rack
Community Closet program.

Past Projects

The Sustainable Hawk Fund was launched in September 2015 and has funded many projects to date. Will your idea be the next great sustainability initiative on campus?

"The Sustainable Hawk Fund enables the Laurier community to create and implement environmental, social and financial sustainability projects as part of campus life."

Dan McGregor, outreach and programs officer, Sustainability Office

Funding Policy

This policy has been developed to ensure the Sustainable Hawk Fund (SHF) operates with integrity throughout the process of engaging students, faculty, and staff to integrate sustainability practices into student life at Laurier.

The process herein will provide guidance on the requirements for project reporting as well as transparency for the program as a whole.

Revision date: Nov. 6, 2023