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Sustainable Learning and Research

Laurier proudly offers a variety of programs, courses, and research opportunities for you to learn about sustainability. As the scope of sustainability covers environmental, social, cultural, and economic aspects, you can find it integrated into many programs across Laurier’s 12 faculties. We are committed to preparing you to become sustainably minded learners and researchers who will be well equipped to find solutions to complex global issues.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the framework for integrating sustainability into the curriculum. The SDGs outline 17 goals to work towards creating a sustainable future, including climate action, sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being, and gender equality among others. The wide breadth of these goals means students from all faculties can become active future-ready contributors and problem solvers. Find out more about how Laurier is contributing to the SDGs.


There are a variety of programs designed to prepare you to become a future leader in sustainability. Below are some examples of programs focusing on environment and sustainability:

Outside these core programs, many programs address the wide scope of sustainability including Global Studies, Indigenous Studies, Social Work, and Health Studies.

For those already studying in other programs who still have an interest in learning more about sustainability, there are also options, or secondary fields of study that can be added to your degree. Consider taking one of the following to options to supplement your degree. A multidisciplinary degree can help give you a competitive edge in the expanding green job market.

  • Environmental Science Option
  • Sustainability Option
  • Business and Sustainability Concentration


Laurier has many world class researchers who are passionate about finding solutions to environmental, social, and economic issues to create a more sustainable future. Boasting eight Research Chairs and seven Research Centres and Institutes addressing various dimensions of sustainability, Laurier is dedicated to mitigating human impact on the environment and improving resilience to climate change.

The Office of Research Services has identified Laurier’s most prominent areas of expertise in sustainability themed research as well as where we are becoming emerging research leaders.

Our strengths include environmental sustainability, cultures of sustainability, sustainable decision making, and sustainable food systems.

To address the complex nature of sustainability issues, Laurier researchers are at the forefront of research addressing environmental humanities, sustainability justice, and sustainable chemistry. Expanding into these areas helps us see how sustainability permeates all aspects of everyday life including bridging Indigenous knowledge and western knowledge, how different communities experience climate change, and how to use resources more efficiently.

Visit the Office of Research Services to learn more about Laurier’s research strengths in environment and sustainability or to seek out an in-house research expert.