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Pre-Placement Screening

Police Record Checks

Many organizations accepting Community Service-Learning (CSL) students are servicing vulnerable populations. A police record check (PRC) helps to ensure the safety of the clients they serve. By completing a PRC, you’ll have many more placement options to choose from.

There are three levels of PRCs, including:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

If you expect to work with children, youth, seniors, people with disabilities, or people with mental health issues, then a VSC will likely be required.

Although PRCs are not a Laurier requirement, many community partners may request a PRC as part of their screening process, which you will need to provide.

How to Obtain a Police Record Check

As of May 2022, Waterloo Regional Police Service has implemented a new Police Record Check Program that will provide completed police record checks via email. The new format will offer electronic verification of ID for most applicants, which allows for a seamless online process. Electronic police record checks should not be printed. A printed version would not be considered valid or legitimate.

See the New Online Service FAQ's section on the Waterloo Regional Police - Background or Record Check website for detailed instructions. 

  1. On the Background or Record Checks page, Click “Begin Record Check.”
  2. For “Type of Request,” select “Police Vulnerable Sector Check” and fill out the form that populates.
  3. For “Reason for Request,” check the box for University/College Placement.
  4. In the “Organization” field, type "Other - School Placement"
  5. For “Description of Position” field, type the name of your course. 
  6. For “Details regarding the responsibilities towards children or vulnerable person(s)” field, enter ‘working directly with children or vulnerable person (e.g. working with children in an educational setting, working with people with disabilities or children, working with seniors).

If you have questions or require assitance with your Waterloo Regional Police Record Check, contact

See detailed information on police record check procedures on the Brantford Police Service website. To apply, you must download and fill out the forms available on their webpage.

You must then visit the Brantford Police Station in person with standard identification and the applicable fees. The Brantford Police Service is located at 344 Elgin Street, Brantford.

For other municipalities:

  1. Visit your local police service (see below) and follow the procedures they have in place. The police service may require you to present a letter from Laurier confirming your participation in a course that has a CSL placement.
  2. Let the service know you require a PRC because you will be completing a CSL placement with a community organization. Fill out any required paperwork.
  3. The police service will provide the results of a completed PRC only to you. It is your decision to share the results of a PRC with the community partner. If you are having difficulty making this decision, contact a CSL staff member.

Residency Requirements

Students who currently reside in Waterloo Region or Brantford must provide proof of their residency (e.g. valid driver’s license, valid lease agreement, utility bill for current month or bank statement) to get a record check completed. You can also get your record check done in the city in which you reside and bring it with you when you return to campus for classes. 

When To Apply

Police record checks take three to four weeks to complete. Some communities take longer to process requests. Do not sign up for placements that require a copy of your PRC prior to the start date if you do not have one in hand. Some placements will allow you to start a placement if you can prove that you have started the process, (i.e. providing a receipt).


New RCMP procedures require that if you have any criminal offenses on your record, you may be required to get fingerprinted at your local police service. You will need to allow additional time to complete this process.


Typical fees range from $15 to $45. Community Service-Learning students are not eligible for community volunteer discounts. There may be an additional fee if fingerprinting is required.

Dates of Police Record Checks

The majority of community organizations require a PRC that is no less than six months old. Some require a PRC no less than 30 days old.

Tuberculosis Tests

Some placements require a tuberculosis (TB) test. If you need one, contact the Student Wellness Centre on either the Waterloo or Brantford campus for more information.

The TB test is a two-step process; each step is $20 at the Student Wellness Centre. The second step is completed two days after the first.