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Community Service-Learning

Fuse Classroom Learning with Hands-On Experience

Community Service-Learning (CSL) courses at Laurier integrate service in the community with academic content through placements or projects. You are guided through critical reflection activities that will connect the experience outside the classroom with course material.

We offer CSL courses in psychology, human rights and human diversity, youth and children’s studies, global studies, health studies, and French, with new courses in development. We partner with non-profit or social profit organizations, schools, community centres and social agencies.

If you have additional questions about courses with a CSL opportunity, contact Lisa Jarvis, Manager of Community and Workplace Partnerships.

“I would highly recommend any student who has the chance to take this course, you will walk away with not only an entirely new perspective on allyship and volunteering, but also with a set of skills you may not have had before.”
– Student, SOJE204, Winter 2021, CSL projects


CSL Placements

Placements are approximately 10 weeks in duration. Your placement takes place on a weekly basis from the second week of classes to the final week (unless specified otherwise), typically for two hours per week.

In most cases, the CSL component is a pass/fail requirement and requires extra time from you outside of scheduled class time and weekly throughout the entire term.

CSL Projects

Projects allow you to work on a project that is developed with a community partner organization, either individually or in a group. Sometimes projects will involve contact or meetings with the community partner and other off-campus activities.

You will work in partnership with a community-based organization to apply your knowledge to an identified challenge or issue. Your time commitment will vary based on your project.

Placement Process During the Pandemic

CSL placements have been modified due to COVID-19. Look to your course outlines and CSL-related info in MyLS.

For frequently asked questions, see our Community & Workplace Partnerships COVID-19 FAQs.

Getting Started

During Your Course

Finishing Your Course and Placement

A couple weeks before your placement is set to end, remind your placement supervisor of when your last visit will be, and take the opportunity to say goodbye and thank those you have worked with.

Complete your Student Evaluation of Experience in Navigator: It will only take a few minutes and once you complete it, the experience will be published to your Laurier Experience Record.  Your feedback is only accessible to your professor and CWP staff.

After you complete your Student Evaluation your course and experience will be published to your Laurier Experience Record