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Workplace Partnerships

Workplace partnerships are a new addition to experiential learning programs at Laurier and offer you a broad range of ways to connect your in-class learning to practical projects, placements or other industry-engaged activities.

As a student registered in a course with a workplace partnership, you will:

  • Gain a stronger understanding of course concepts.
  • Explore different career paths.
  • Have opportunities to network.
  • Develop relevant and marketable skills.

You can capture your participation in a workplace partnership using the Laurier Experience Record.

Partnership Models

If your course offers a workplace partnership, you can connect and apply your learning to “on-the-job” practical experience. Workplace partnerships come in a variety of models:

Weekly Placements

In these placements, you're matched with a partner organization and complete a set number of hours each week towards an established goal.


The project-based model involves workplace or simulated-workplace projects that are developed and carried out by you and your classmates for a partner organization.

Job Shadows

You engage in short-term opportunities in the workplace with selected organizations that allow you to observe, contribute and ask questions.


Internships offer a more intensive, long-term workplace engagement, which are often discipline-specific and supervised by an employer. Internships are typically up to one term in duration and paid positions.

Design Jams / Hack-a-thons

Partner organizations will identify a need or an issue and bring it to you and your classmates to ‘jam’ for a set period of time to develop innovative ideas and solutions.