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Workplace Partnerships

Courses that have a workplace partnerships component offer students everything from brief job shadow opportunities to in-class consulting projects to full-term placements in a workplace setting. In every type of experience, you will connect in-class learning to practical community or industry-engaged activities.

As a student registered in a course with a workplace partnership, you will:

 Gain a stronger understanding of course concepts.

 Explore different career paths.

 Have opportunities to network.

 Develop relevant and marketable skills.

You can capture your participation in a workplace partnership using the Laurier Experience Record.

“Working on the project felt like I was interning at a company because it was a live/active problem from a real-world company. It taught me how to interact with people in the industry as well as apply textbook material into an actual recommendation.”

– in course project BU459

“Working with [partner] organizations and engaging in continuous reflection activities supported a transformative learning journey for my students and helped to build confidence [and] clarify strengths…”

– Holly Gibbs, instructor PO690 MAP Research Practicum


  • All students in a course with a WP component must review and accept conditions for participation in Navigator before starting the opportunity.
  • You will receive details from your professor and CWP staff in the first weeks of class about how you will be matched with an opportunity/employer partner.
  • You may be required to complete Unpaid Work Placement Health & Safety Orientation online training.
  • Review safety information for off-campus activities and student placements.
  • If you are doing an in-person placement, the partner organization must provide you with health and safety training specific to their workplace.



  • Treat your experience as if it were a job. Be punctual, reliable, polite, and professional at all times when interacting with classmates and the partner and be sure to dress appropriately when on site with the partner or when interacting with them in class.
  • If you are having issues that you aren’t sure how to deal with, contact your coordinator and your concerns will be treated with confidentiality.
  • While it is rare there are costs associated with WP courses, students are responsible for all costs (e.g. bus/taxi fare, parking). We do our best to indicate in advance if there is an associated cost with your opportunity.


  • Complete your Student Evaluation of Experience in Navigator: It will only take a few minutes and once you complete it, the experience will be published to your Laurier Experience Record.  Your feedback is only accessible to your professor and CWP staff.
  • After you complete your Student Evaluation your course and experience will be published to your Laurier Experience Record