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Adding Co-Curricular Experiences

Logging In

To add co-curricular positions to your Laurier Experience Record, log into Navigator

Adding an Experience

  1. Once logged in to Navigator, click Co-Curricular and Volunteer Records on the left column.
  2.  Select Add a Position.
  3. Search for the activity by typing the position title or activity in the search box (e.g., Intramural Team Participant) and select the position as it populates.
  4. Click Add to record.
  5. Select up to five competencies - Save Competencies.
  6. Click Add reflection and complete the reflection questions - Save.
  7. Click Add hours – include the total number of hours you have completed (either by listing each day and time or by summarizing total hours on one day). You can continue to update the hours until the end of the term. You can use the Notes section in the hour tracking to include any additional information about the hours (e.g., meeting, event name, game, tutor sessions, etc.)
Your positions will be validated towards the end of the Winter term as the experiences are completed and then they will appear on your Record. Your activity will then be added to your unpublished Experience Record. It will display on your published Laurier Experience Record if you have completed the reflection questions.

Adding co-curricular experiences is not retroactive so you must add activities during the same academic year in which you were involved. This encourages you to think critically and reflect on your involvement each year and ensures a timely and accurate validation process. 2018/19 activities must be added by April 15, 2019.

Certificates/Workshop Series

These experiences will be added by the Laurier Experience Record staff in consultation with the host department. As a student, you will not see a list of completed certificates/workshops series until mid April. You do not need to take any action to have these added to your record. This includes programs such as: First Year Leadership Program (Residence), Intercultural Certificate, Certificate in Accessibility, Wellness Education Certificate, Taco Teach-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the activity I participated in?

Activities may not appear in the Co-Curricular Experiences database for several reasons:

  • Certificates and/or workshop series are tracked in the Certificate/Programs module (in the past, these were listed as a co-curricular experience)
  • The activity did not meet the inclusion criteria.
  • The validator did not submit the activity to the database.

If necessary, contact for more information.

What if I have 'Missing Reflection' for past activities?

Positions added will not show on your Laurier Experience Record until you complete reflection questions for each past position. You are able to add reflection for these past positions by clicking 'Missing Reflection' and completing the five reflection questions for each position. These past positions will then display on your Laurier Experience Record.