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On-Campus Employment

Student employment is available in a variety of departments across Laurier including Athletics and Recreation, Library, Writing Centre and many more. Academic departments also hire students in a variety of roles including instructional assistants, markers and proctors.

Explore Employment Opportunities

On-Campus Summer and Part-Time Opportunities

These opportunities are posted throughout the year by Laurier departments. Most hire for part-time on-campus work during the winter term for the following academic year. Navigator is Laurier's online system for on-campus job opportunities. You can also contact individual departments regarding job opportunities.

Student Employment Experiential Learning Programs

You can apply for eligibility for work programs available on campus. Each program has specific eligibility requirements that must be met to qualify for employment.

Add and Track Your Experience

Student Employment Experiential Learning Programs

If you work in an LWSP or ISWEP position, job record(s) will be created at the start of your position. Progress through the required program steps in Navigator throughout the work term. At the end of the work term, select competencies and complete your final reflection. The experience(s) will appear on your Laurier Experience Record once all program steps are completed.

IAs, TAs, Markers, and Proctors

If you worked on campus as an Instructional Assistant, Marker/Grading Assistant, Proctor, and/or Teaching Assistant, your position will be added to Navigator later this spring, and you will receive an e-mail notification once it is available. 

Other On-Campus Employment Positions

Updates are completed annually in the spring. You will be notified when your job record(s) are available in Navigator. To add a position to your Laurier Experience Record, you will need to select competencies and complete a final reflection about your employment experience.

If there’s an on-campus job you held within the past year that isn’t available in Navigator (and doesn't fall into one of the above categories), please complete the On-Campus Job Record Request Form. Once the form is received, we will verify your employment and notify you once a job record has been created.

Reflect on Your Experience

  1. Log into Navigator and click On-Campus Employment Records then select your job record under Current Experiences.
  2. Complete Competencies and Reflection steps.*
  3. Once all steps are completed, your job experience(s) will be included on your Laurier Experience Record. Once experiences are added to your LER, you can publish it and share it to LinkedIn, use it in your resumé or job interviews, and/or for further education applications.
*Note: Student Employment Experiential Learning Programs (LWSP and ISWEP) include additional program steps you will need to complete throughout your work term prior to completing the competencies and reflection steps. Refer to e-mail communications from the program coordinator for more information.

Need More Information?

If you have further questions, feel free to connect with the following areas. Make sure you include your student ID when emailing.