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Curricular Experiences

Curricular experiential learning includes experiences where you receive academic credit through course experiences, co-op and academic exchanges. This experience also allows you to gain knowledge and skills through workplace or simulated workplace projects or experiences. 

Explore Course Experiences

Many of your courses give you opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in authentic contexts. Your program's Experience Guide and course offerings, and the Academic Calendar can help you find courses that have experiential learning opportunities.

The types of curricular experiences include:

  • Community Service-Learning (CSL): Community-based learning through placements or projects.
  • Creative performance: Participation in large ensembles, solo recitals and chamber music. 
  • Entrepreneurship: Development and/or launch of a business, social or culture venture.
  • Field courses: Intensive practical experience in a setting relevant to your academic discipline. 
  • Field placements/practica/clinical placements: Supervised, professional experience required for professional programs, certification or licensing.
  • Internships: Supervised, discipline-specific work experience that is not co-op.
  • Lab experiences: Classes in which students engage in learning activities by practice.
  • Professional inquiry: Short-term workplace exposure/observation including job shadowing
  • Simulated/workplace projects and experiences: Projects or experiences where students apply knowledge to real-world situations.

Add and Track Your Course Experiences

All course experiences will be added for you based on your registration and/or successful completion of a course with a qualifying experience.


Co-op is a form of work-integrated learning in fields relevant to your academic and personal goals, alternating with your class-based courses.

Add and Track Your Experience

Your co-op work-term record will be added and appear on your LER when you have been hired.

You must complete the learning objectives and work-term report/evaluation during your co-op job.

Academic Exchanges 

The Student Exchange Program is an opportunity for you to experience the social, economic and political climate of various countries. This experience also allows you to improve your language skills and cultural knowledge.

Check out Laurier International's Global Engagement and Exchanges page to learn more about outgoing and incoming exchange opportunities.

Add and Track Your Experience

Laurier International provides a list of students completing an exchange to LER staff at the end of the academic year, typically in May. Your experience will appear on your LER as soon as it has been added.

Need More Information?

Email your questions to Make sure you include your student ID and the course code or title, if relevant.


Academic Exchanges