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Step 1: Registration and Documentation

Step 1 in registering with Accessible Learning requires you to do the following:

  1. Review Disability Documentation Requirements.
  2. If applicable, review Interim Accommodations, UW Double Degree, or Service Animals.
  3. Complete the Accessible Learning Registration Form.
  4. Submit your documentation.
  5. Promptly respond to messages from Accessible Learning in your myLaurier inbox about next steps.

Once we receive your (a) registration form and (b) disability documentation, we will email your myLaurier email address about next steps.

What's in a Name?

We recognize that a person's name is central to their identity so getting your name right is important to us.

To ensure we have it correct, and that our system correctly picks up your preferred name from Banner, visit Preferred Name at Laurier. 

Documentation Requirements

Students seeking academic accommodations for reasons of a disability at Laurier are required to submit documentation to support their request. 

Disability documentation supports academic accommodation planning by: 

  • Confirming you are a person with a disability
  • Describing how your disability affects you at school

Disability Categories

To access the correct form, select the category that best reflects your disability or disabilities. Ask a healthcare practitioner who is qualified to diagnose and treat your disability to complete your form. 

Note: Students are NOT obligated to disclose their medical diagnosis to Accessible Learning when seeking academic accommodations for reasons of a disability at Laurier. Indicating the category that best reflects your disability is not the same as disclosing your diagnosis. Information about your disability category helps Accessible Learning effectively and efficiently assess your needs and design appropriate accommodation and support plans.

Email the Accessible Learning Intake Coordinator if you (a) do not know which category best reflects your disability, (b) require our forms in an alternate format, or (c) have questions about our documentation requirements.

Other Documentation Requirements

See below for documentation requirements and information pertaining to service animals, interim accommodations, and double degree programs with the University of Waterloo.

Submit Documentation

Do not email a copy of your documentation to Accessible Learning.  Accessible Learning will not accept emailed or faxed copies of documentation due to security and privacy concerns.

Prepare Your Documentation

Documentation must: (a) include all the pages, (b) be legible and, (c) uploaded in a single PDF file.  Convert photos to a single PDF file if submitting photos of your documentation. 

Accessible Learning will not review illegible or incomplete documentation. 

If you: 

  • are new to Accessible Learning and completing the registration form, include your documentation with the form
  • submitted the Accessible Learning Registration Form but did not include your documentation, email for a unique and secure upload link
  • are registered and active with Accessible Learning and want to submit new or additional documentation,
    1. Log in to Accessible Learning Online
    2. Click the "Additional Documentation Submission" button