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Funding Opportunities

Students with disabilities at Laurier may be eligible for funding opportunities to help with disability-related costs they incur because they are attending university. 

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

OSAP is a government funded program that helps eligible students pay for their post-secondary education through grants and loans. Students apply through the OSAP Online Portal to determine their eligibility for both Ontario and/or Canada funding.  Students with disabilities who do not need a loan should apply anyway because they may be eligible for the Canada Student Grant for Students with Disabilities

Students should review Laurier Financial Aid for more information, including a list of academic programs not eligible for OSAP funding. 

Students can identify as having a disability with OSAP by having their health care provider complete the OSAP Disability Verification form. Once completed, the form should be uploaded to their account through the OSAP Online Portal.   

Accessible Learning does not have access to students’ financial records or their OSAP Online Portal. General OSAP questions should be directed to Laurier Financial Aid

Reduced Course-Load Benefit 

Students with a permanent or persistent/prolonged disability who are taking at least a 40% course load, may be eligible to receive the same amount of OSAP funding for living expenses as students who take a full course load (5 courses per term). A 40% course load at Laurier means at least 2 courses each worth 0.5 credits. 

Visit OSAP for Under-Represented Learners for more information. 

Bursary for Students with Disabilities

The Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) helps eligible students pay for disability-related services and equipment they require to participate in university studies. 

University Bursaries for Students with Disabilities 

Students not eligible for OSAP or the BSWD may qualify for the Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary (ALAB) or the Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary – Graduate Students (ALAG).  

Laurier, supported through donors, endowments, and student contributions, established these bursaries to help students with disabilities cover some of their disability-related costs incurred while pursuing university studies.  

Students seeking funds through these bursaries must:

  • Provide documented verification they are a student with a disability
  • Be a Canadian citizen (ALAB only)
  • Be enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate program 
  • Confirm through Financial Aid that their OSAP application was denied 

The eligibility criteria for these for these bursaries aligns with the Bursary for Students with Disabilities including:

  • Clearly linking the requested service and/or equipment to a disability-related need 
  • Service and equipment annual caps 
  • Eligible and ineligible expenses 

Students who are not OSAP eligible and have disability-related needs should speak with their Accommodation Consultant about their eligibility for one of these bursaries

Other Scholarships and Awards

Students should visit these websites for information about other financial opportunities: