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Accessible Learning Centre

Accessible Learning aims to provide students with temporary or permanent disabilities access to accommodations that remove barriers and allow opportunities for equal participation. Support is provided in a way that aids students in completing the essential requirements of their courses and program without jeopardizing academic integrity. If you are interested in accessing our support, please register with us!

Accessible Learning Online

Accessible Learning Online is the Accessible Learning Centre's (ALC's) accommodation, appointment and case management software tool used by instructors, ALC students, and ALC staff. Learn more about how ALC students access accommodations.

Fall/Winter Deadlines

Fall-November 7, 2022
Winter-March 9, 2023

Exam Bookings
In-term Exams, Tests, Quizzes
Recommended: Beginning of each term
Minimum: 10 full business days prior to exam date

Final Exams
by 4:30PM
Fall-November 21, 2022
Winter-March 23, 2023

Note taking
Beginning of each term