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Incoming Student Support

Transitioning to university-style learning can be a big change for some students. Whether you are coming directly from high school, transferring from another college or university or getting back to academics after some time off, studying in university may be different than your previous experiences. Many students find they need to upgrade their academic skills or study habits in order to thrive at Laurier.

Additionally, fall 2021 will be a unique experience for everyone as Laurier transitions back to campus. We are committed to offering in-person and virtual services and resources regardless of where you will be studying from.

Your First Term at Laurier – Planning for Academic Success

Your First Week

  • Log in to MyLearningSpace on the first day of classes to access your course syllabi and find out everything you need to know (and do) for your classes this term.
  • Explore the campus virtually or in-person and find study spaces, ways to connect and department locations and contacts.
  • Review campus resources and get to know your wellness, student success and student affairs teams.
  • Explore extracurricular opportunities and and reach out to campus clubs and student associations.
  • Don’t forget to attend your classes – the first day is an important time to meet your professors, learn about course resources and learn about the plan for the term!

Your First Month

  • Review your course outlines (again) and making sure you are logging in to MyLearningSpace daily. course content on MyLearningSpace regularly.
  • Create a term schedule that include all due dates, test dates, activities, work or volunteer time etc. Be sure to leave room for breaks and down time as well and remember - staying caught up is easier than playing catch-up!
  • Practice your note taking skills and review your study habits to see what works best for each course.
  • Make an appointment with a First Year Coach or Time Management expert if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help planning out your time.

Your First Term

  • Your first term can sometimes be a little rocky as you adjust to university-style learning. Don’t get discouraged if you are finding that things are not going as smoothly as you had hoped.
  • Take advantage of the many academic resources available to you – the strongest students are the ones that ask for help early and often!
  • Regular review is an important part of learning in university but can be challenging to fit in to an already busy schedule.
  • Take time to assess your study habits to ensure they are working for you. If you aren’t finding that your learning is ‘sticking’ you may need to adjust your approach. Make an appointment with a Learning Strategist using the Student Success Portal.
  • Avoid cramming whenever possible! Using Effective Study Strategies throughout the term can help you stay on top of your course work so you feel more prepared for your first set up final exams. Find study videos, handouts and more from the Study Skills and Course Support Resource page.
  • Seek help if you need it! Ask your Professor, TA, an Academic Advisor, the Student Wellness Centre, the Dean of Students’ office, or your First Year Coach! We are all here to help you!

Remember, you are in control of your own academic success. Making smart academic decisions like attending all of your classes, completing all assignments (on time) and taking advantage of campus resources is up to you! But… you are not alone. From homework help for your calculus course, to Supplemental Instruction for Biology, Business or Chemistry, or working with a time management coach to develop a weekly study schedule, our Student Success Services are ready to help you with your transition to university. Getting a strong start in your first term can set you on the path to success for all of your years at Laurier.

Academic Support and Services

There are many academic supports and services to help in your transition to your new Laurier learning environment.