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Game Design and Development

While most people think of recreational video games when they think of gaming, the world of games goes far beyond the screen. Tabletop and live-action games allow people to engage face to face. Transformative games are used in education, corporate training, health care, and informal learning institutions such as museums and libraries. Serious games, simulation, gamification and gameful design techniques motivate people to get engaged with the real world by adding a game-based layer.

For our Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (BFAA) in Game Design and Development, you’ll develop skills in game design, mobile game development, motivation through gameful design and interactive storytelling, project management, and entrepreneurship.

You’ll have the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to create a variety of games – digital, tabletop, and live-action – that can be used to change the world, to entertain, or ideally, both!

During your senior year, you will work with a team of other game design students on a year-long capstone project to create your own purposeful game as part of your game design portfolio.