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Course Offerings

The following course information is provided for your convenience. Schedules are subject to change and should be checked on LORIS, where location information can also be found. Please use the LORIS Browse Classes to check course offerings in Psychology for the current academic year. Full, official academic information, including prerequisites and exclusions, can be found on the academic calendars.

All courses listed on this page are held on the Waterloo campus. For courses held on the Brantford campus, see Psychology (Brantford). For e-learning courses, see Online Learning.

If no faculty member is named, the instructor is to be announced.

Unless otherwise indicated, undergraduate courses are 0.5 credit. Graduate courses may work differently. See academic calendar for details.

* = 1.0 credit

100-Level Courses

200-Level Courses

300-Level Courses

400-Level Courses