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Academic Advising

Each of the departments in the Faculty of Science is committed to providing the best possible information and guidance to students for their academic programs. We strongly encourage students enrolling in Year 1 of any Psychology programs to find more information on the Laurier 101 website. 

For additional information about the Psychology Department and Programs check out the Psychology Undergraduate Handbook.

We also provide information, updates, and announcements to Psychology majors in a resource on MyLearning space called “Psychology Department InformationPsychInfo”. If you are a Psychology major you should see this resource listed in MyLS along with your other courses. Items are posted in the newsfeed and content sections throughout the year. If you are a Psychology major and do not see this course listed in your MyLearningSpace account, contact Janet Reimer ( to request access.

Starting July 2023 all academic advising and registration questions must be submitted using forms on the Science Academic Advising web page.  Forms to submit your queries may be found under “Frequently Used Forms” on the right-hand side of the page. These forms will direct you to resources to help with your query and will put you in touch with the appropriate person or office at Laurier to assist you. 

You must complete the appropriate form to receive a response. No action will be taken for direct email inquiries.

First, however, check the program requirements and frequently asked questions below to see if they answer your queries.


Frequently Asked Questions