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Psychology (BA and BSc) Undergraduate Students

Our Programming

Check out the program requirements and course offerings pages to learn more about your program. Enhance your learning experience by reviewing the Experience and Career Guide and plan ahead by looking at potential career options available to graduates of the program.

The Psychology Department offers four single honours programs:

  • Honours BSc Psychology Program
  • Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience Program
  • Honours BA Psychology Program
  • Honours BA Psychology Research Specialist Program

Four joint honours program options are available as well:

  • Honours BSc Biology and Psychology program
  • Honours BSc Computer Science and Psychology
  • Honours BSc Computer Science and Psychology: Computation and Cognitive Neuroscience Stream
  • Honours BA Psychology in Combination with another Honours BA Program.

Our minors and specializations include: 

  • Community Psychology Specialization
  • Community Psychology and Social Change Minor
  • Psychology Minor
  • Applied Developmental Psychology Minor
  • Applied Developmental Psychology Specialization

Your Academic Support

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between you and your academic advisor. Academic advising is available to all Faculty of Science students. Regular contact with an academic advisor, individuals who can assist you with developing and achieving meaningful educational and career goals, is recommended.