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Course Load and Registration Updates

Your course load on your OSAP application is used to indicate the number of courses or credits you’re taking. For OSAP, your course load is expressed as a percentage of a full course load.

To remain eligible for full-time OSAP funding you must remain registered in a minimum 60% course load (40% course load for students registered with a permanent disability). If you will be dropping below a full-time course load, contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the financial implications. OSAP’s definition of full-time and part-time status is different than Laurier’s full-time and part-time registration status.

Funding cannot be released until the course load percentage on your OSAP application matches your course registration. It is your responsibility to ensure the course load stated on your OSAP application is correct each term. 

Course Load Update Form

Note:  You are required to log in with your MyLaurier username and password to access the OSAP Course Load Update Form.   

Please review the information on this page carefully before submitting your form.

Updating Course Load

If you have received a notice on LORIS indicating that your course load does not match your application, this means that the course load you entered on your OSAP application (e.g. 100%, 80%, etc.) does not match your current term's registration.

If you plan on adding or dropping additional courses that will result in your course registration matching the course load stated on your OSAP application, this error will clear to allow for confirmation of your enrolment once your registration and course load match.

If you do not plan on changing the number of courses that you are registered in and your course load on your OSAP application does not match, complete the OSAP Course Load Update Form to update this information on your OSAP application. This form is available in LORIS under the "Student Awards and Financial Aid" tab. Select "View my Aid/Funding" and the form link is available from the top of this page.

Note: You are required to log in to access the OSAP Course Load Update Form. Login instructions: Enter your MyLaurier username and Laurier password. Your username and password are the same as when logging into MyLearningSpace, Student Gmail or LORIS. If you are unsure of your password, please contact the ICT Service Desk at