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Find all you need to know about how to pay your tuition and fees, including: 

Tuition Due Dates

The tuition due date for each term typically happens during the first week of the start of the term.

Make sure you pay your tuition and fees so that they are received and applied to your LORIS account by the due date to avoid late fees:

  • Sept. 7, 2023 (fall 2023)
  • Jan. 8, 2024 (winter 2024)
  • May 6, 2024 (spring/intersession/summer 2024 terms)

Students can verify payment is received on LORIS > Student Services > Student Account Summary

Monthly late payment penalties of 1.25% will be added on all unpaid balances after the due date.

Tuition Fees Assessment

Tuition fees are assessed during the following months: 

  • Fall term: late July and early August
  • Winter term: late November
  • Spring/Summer term: late March

Adding or dropping courses may change the amount due. Check your account status in LORIS anytime after the assessment date.

How to Pay

Make sure payments are made through Laurier approved payment options to avoid delays and/or possible holds and late fees. Payments not received and reflected on your student account on or prior to the due date are considered late.

Proxy Users

If you have someone paying fees on your behalf, you can set up proxy users to have access to your account information and to receive reminders. 

Notes and Disclaimers

Statement of Financial Responsibility

By registering for classes at Wilfrid Laurier University, students agree to pay all assessed tuition and fees as a result of registration. Students are responsible to properly cancel, adjust or drop their registration in accordance with academic dates in the Academic Calendar. Students understand that decisions with respect to any request for course withdrawals, tuition refunds, tuition adjustments, or other fees are Wilfrid Laurier University’s sole discretion and in accordance with the applicable University policies and procedures. Furthermore, students agree to pay any additional charges they may incur, including, but not limited to: charges for residence, meal plans, class materials, late registration fees, other departmental charges, penalties and late payment fees.

Students understand that:

  • It is their responsibility to verify their student financial account on a regular basis.
  • Regardless of their eligibility for financial aid, they are personally responsible for the full amount assessed to them as a result of their registration and will be held accountable to Wilfrid Laurier University’s policies and procedures.
  • Having an overdue balance on their student financial account may have both academic and non-academic consequences (Financial Hold), including, without limitation, graduating, accessing final grades, adding courses, registering for future terms, accessing a transcript of grades and/or referral to a third-party collection agency.