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Zoom for Healthcare

Zoom for Healthcare is a separate Zoom account that ensures your privacy is protected. Due to Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) legislative requirements and privacy concerns related to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), we do not recommend you attend or host Zoom meetings that are subject to these protection requirements.

Zoom for Healthcare should only be used for situations where sensitive information is discussed or shared, and Microsoft Teams is not a suitable option.

When using your separate Zoom for Healthcare account, the following feature limitations exist: 

  • Cloud recording is disabled (neither party can record).
  • Screen capture is disabled.
  • Closed captioning will not work with Zoom for Healthcare licenses.
  • Encrypted chat is enabled (if chat window disappears, please contact ICT support).

Access Your Zoom for Healthcare Account

  1. Open an incognito or private browser on your computer:
  2. Go to
  3. Use the email address and password that was provided to you.
  4. Answer the Captcha question.

Request a Zoom for Healthcare Account

  1. You must have a faculty or staff member request a sponsored staff email by completing the Network and Email Account Request form.
  2. Request the license by completing the Zoom for Healthcare Request form

After you complete the steps above, your request will be reviewed. You will receive a separate email alias that allows you to sign in to your Zoom for Healthcare account.

Activate Your Account

  1. Copy the URL from the Zoom email you received. 
  2. Open an incognito browing session in Chrome or Firefox. 
  3. Paste the URL into the address bar. 
  4. In the Activate your Zoom Account window, note: 
    • Your Zoom for Healthcare account is an email alias, or
    • Emails to your email alias will be delivered to your standard Laurier email. 
  5. Select Sign Up with a Password.
  6. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Password.
    • Tips:
      • Add HC at the end of your last name to differentiate between your Zoom for Healthcare and regular Zoom accounts. 
      • Your password should be different from your Laurier password and only to be used for Zoom for Healthcare.
  7. Select Continue.

Request Removal of License

If you no longer require your Zoom for Healthcare account, complete the Zoom for Healthcare License Removal Request form to deactivate it. 

Resources and Support

For more resources and support, refer to: