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Conferencing Tools

To help you stay in touch with your classmates and instructors, Laurier has dedicated programs and software that you can use.

Two of the most common communications software used at Laurier are Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Here for You 24/7

All active undergraduate and graduate students have access to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This subscription is not available to continuing education students or alumni.

There are no service charges or cost for you to use these conferencing tools.

Custom Backgrounds

Looking to add a Laurier touch to your video conferences? We've put together a guide to help you add images to Zoom and Teams.

Zoom for Healthcare

Zoom for Healthcare is a separate Zoom account that protects your privacy as you attend your medical or wellness appointments. 

Zoom for Healthcare should only be used for situations where sensitive information is discussed or shared, and Microsoft Teams is not a suitable option.