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Wireless at Laurier

To connect to Laurier's wireless networks, follow the instructions below for your operating system. If you have any problems, you can take your computer to the ICT Service Desk.

Note: The use of the Laurier wireless network is subject to the university policy Principles in the Use of Information Technology (Section 9.1).

Laurier Wi-Fi Login Information

A Laurier network login is required to access both Laurier wireless networks.

Your network account information is the same information required to sign into your Laurier student webmail.

If you have any problems with your network username or password, contact the ICT Service Desk.

Wireless Networks


eduroam is a secure access service for members of the educational and research communities. It allows individuals from a member organization to securely access network services while visiting other member organizations using login credentials from their home organization without making special arrangements.

Using eduroam, Laurier students can obtain Internet connectivity when visiting participating institutions by simply logging onto their computer or wireless device with their Laurier usernames and passwords. Visitors to Laurier's Waterloo and Brantford campuses, and to Laurier's Faculty of Social Work building in Kitchener, can also access the Internet using their home credentials if their institution is a member of the eduroam network.

A list of participating eduroam institutions is available at Canadian eduroam institutions are listed at CANARIE. You can also review the Trust Association Document filed with CANARIE’s Canadian Access Federation.

You can install eduroam by downloading the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (eduroam CAT) at

When entering your credentials into the you will need to enter in your login  For example  Do not use your @mylaurier.

If you have any questions about setting up Eduroam on your device please contact the ICT Service Desk in the concourse.  You can email them at


Laurierwifi is an unsecure wireless network (unencrypted). This means that if you use POP/SMTP email or visit websites that start with http:// then this information is vulnerable to snooping by someone else.

Note: The login to "laurierwifi" is encrypted so your password is safe.

Any website that has https:// is a secure site and all information should be encrypted by the website and safe. For this reason it is recommended that “laurierwifi” is used only for casual web browsing and secure web services such as webmail where you see https:// in the website address.

It is also highly recommended that you have up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall active on your laptop/notebook.

Connecting to laurierwifi

Windows users:

  • Turn on the wireless network interface, choose "laurierwifi" from available wireless network SSID list, and click "Connect." Click "Yes" or "OK" if there is a warning pop up window telling you this connection is not secure.
  • Point your favorite browser at some external web site.
  • Enter your Laurier network username and password.

MAC users:

  • Turn on the AirPort, choose "laurierwifi" from available wireless network SSID drop-down list.
  • Point your favorite browser at some external web site.
  • Enter your Laurier network username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions