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Language Sharing Programs

Broaden your horizons from the comfort of home this year by participating in our language sharing programs this fall. We are offering two different programs, the Tandem Language Program and the Hawk 2 Hawk English Conversation Project. You're welcome to participate in either one, or in both.

Tandem Language Program

Registration for Winter 2021 is now closed. Pre-register for fall 2021

The Tandem Language Program is about teaching and learning language and culture to a peer, while getting to know someone new. Through the program you'll have a chance to improve your language skills, make intercultural connections and learn in a social way.

Participants will share their passion for language and learning with each other and are partnered based on language proficiency and interest. You'll be required to meet virtually with your language partner for a minimum of 10 hours over the semester and complete a 500-word journal. When you successfully complete the program you'll get Laurier Experience Record recognition.

How It Works

You are able to teach some basic German and have always wanted to learn a few words of Japanese. You would be partnered with someone who has Japanese language skills, and an interest in learning German.  

We do our best to match you with a partner based on your language interests and level, but may not be able to. If that happens, we ask that you be flexible and open-minded in learning a language that isn't your first choice.

In the past students have learned English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, American Sign Language, German, Farsi and more. Read what students are saying about their experiences with tandem, and don’t miss your chance to learn a new language and learn about a new culture! 

Winter 2021 Schedule

  • Thursday, Jan. 28: Orientation and meet your language partner.
  • Jan. 28 to Mar. 31 Meet with your partner a minimum of 10 times for language learning and cultural exchange.
  • Wednesday, Mar 31: Tandem Language Program celebration.

Hawk 2 Hawk English Conversation Project

The Hawk 2 Hawk English Conversation Project matches Laurier students with LEAF program students to have weekly conversations in English and to learn about each other’s cultures. Develop your intercultural skills while providing an opportunity for English-as-an-additional-language students to practice their English-language conversation skills through an organized online one-on-one chat. 

Through these conversations, LEAF program students will be able to practice their English skills in a non-academic setting. In your role, you will be facilitating the conversation but you're not expected to provide grammar, vocabulary, or other lessons, nor will you be expected to assess the LEAF student's English skills at any point.

How It Works

All students selected for the program will participate in a two-hour training session, which will cover intercultural communication skills and how to guide a one-on-one conversation. This activity is recognized by the Laurier Experience Record. Laurier students that volunteer with Hawk 2 Hawk are also eligible to receive a $100 gift card to the Laurier Bookstore. 

The program in the winter term is already underway. Dates for future terms will be posted soon.

Winter 2021 Schedule

  • Tuesday, Jan. 19: Training session.
  • Jan. 25 to Apr. 16: Meet with your partner 10 times for conversations.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 23: Mid-point reflection.