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How to Apply

Eligible current students can apply to go on exchange for a term or full academic year. We have exchange partnerships with 70 institutions around the world and exchange opportunities are available for students in all faculties and programs.

Use our application information to understand the steps you need to take to apply for an outbound exchange. We have outlined the key dates and deadlines to help ensure you know when to submit your application as well as to help you plan for all aspects of your exchange.

Attend an Information Session

Your first step to go on exchange is to attend an information session. It's mandatory to attend an information session before you apply, but you can attend one even if you're not yet ready to apply. You can attend any information session that works with your schedule, and some sessions are tailored towards specific programs and faculties.

Contact Your References

Update: Academic reference is not required for 2023/24 applications, only non-academic reference is required.

You need to submit academic and non-academic references with your application and it can take time for your references to submit their reference letter. If you're considering applying to go on exchange, we advise that you send requests to your references right away, to help make sure they are submitted by the deadline.

To start the process, enter your references' contact information in Journey. We'll then contact your references with the information they need to submit their reference letter. When completed, your references will send the letter to us and it will be kept on file in Journey with your application. 

Get Ready to Apply

Before you apply for an exchange, it's important that you do your research and are fully prepared. Make sure you:

Complete Your Application

You can find the exchange application and all supporting documents in Journey. It is your responsibility to ensure the application is completed and submitted by the application deadline.

After You Apply

The process to go on exchange doesn't end once you complete the application. Once you have applied, you'll receive the results of your application by email in 4-5 weeks. Learn what to do when you: