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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students are Back

The Dean of Students Office is happy to announce we are back in-office and are available for students to book in-person and virtual appointments. We have been patiently waiting for our return to campus and are looking forward to meeting in-person with our students once again. If you have any questions or are interested in meeting with one of our Dean of Students team members please email (Waterloo campus) or (Brantford campus). 

See you Soon Golden Hawks!

Reasons to Connect With Us

There are four reasons why you should connect with us:

  • Academic disruptions.
  • Physical and mental health challenges.
  • Financial struggles.
  • Transitioning to university life.

Get to Know Your Deans of Students

Get to know both of Laurier's Waterloo and Brantford Dean of Students through this video made by our Laurier 101 team from our Teaching and Learning department. 


Kate McCrae Bristol, Dean of Students, Waterloo

Coming directly from our neighbours down the street, Kate McCrae Bristol has recently joined the Laurier community from the University of Waterloo. With almost 10 years of student and community engagement, Kate is passionate about growth and development for not only our Laurier students, but our faculty and staff as well.

Unlike academic deans responsible for a specific faculty, the role of the dean of students relates more to student support, student safety and student success. Whether through her connection to individual students or involvement in policy changes and program development, the dean of students strives to create and enhance conditions for success and positive well-being for Laurier students.

In her role, Kate serves as a resource for students, as well as for faculty and staff. Kate lends leadership and guidance with  financial wellness, mental health and other key areas affecting students personal and academic success. Other initiatives, such as the Blue Folder InitiativeMental Health First Aid and safeTALK training ensure education and support for faculty and staff in understanding students' needs, as well as supporting students in distress.

Students are encouraged to connect with the wonderful variety of student support services available on campus. Students requiring elevated levels of support or coordinated care should connect with the Dean of Students Office.


Adam Lawrence, Dean of Students, Brantford

Adam Lawrence has been a part of the Laurier community since 2003, working both in Residence Life and the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. He became dean of students in 2013 at the Brantford campus.

The role of the dean of students focuses on student support, safety, wellness, and engagement. Adam and his team want to create an environment where students feel valued, safe, and welcome. Adam is a strong advocate for students and strives to create a strong student-centered culture on the Brantford campus.

In his role, Adam serves as a resource for students, faculty, and staff. Adam provides leadership and guidance to all areas of the student experience, including transition programs, financial wellness, mental health, student leadership programming, and other key areas affecting students' personal and academic success.

All members of the Brantford campus community are encouraged to connect with the variety of student support services available on campus. If you require elevated levels of support or coordinated care, you should connect with the Dean of Students Office.