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Terms and Conditions: Summer Abroad


  • In most cases students will pay Laurier tuition and incidental fees for the total number of credits they will be earning abroad.
  • Financial awards and/or supplements may be offered on a case-by-case basis from host institution.
  • OSAP recipients will retain their eligibility for OSAP if they are paying Laurier tuition (category A opportunities)

Courses and Credit Transfer

  • The type of credits you will earn abroad will depend on your program of study and category type. You must meet with your academic advisor to determine your academic suitability for study abroad and the types of credits you can earn abroad.
  • The number of credits you can earn depend on the program and category type. 
  • The amount of tuition and incidental fees you pay will be determined by the number of credits you earn. If you later decide to take fewer credits once you are abroad, you will not receive a refund from Laurier.


  • Students must have completed 10 Laurier credits to apply. 
  • You can participate in both a short term summer abroad and full term exchange only with specific permission from your department.
  • If you are graduating in Oct. you can study abroad in the summer; however, there is no guarantee that the credit transfer process will be completed before the deadline to apply to graduate.


  • Specific application instructions can be found on MyLearningSpace, Laurier International Opportunities course.