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The workshops and training opportunities offered through ASPIRE programming support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the growth and development of their teaching practice. The workshops offer transferrable teaching skills and foundational teaching knowledge that can be used for both the classroom and the workplace.

Students are provided an opportunity to explore the world of teaching and learning. Learn about different pedagogies and hear from experienced staff and colleagues as they reflect on their experiences and share their knowledge.

Laurier’s Guide to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

The comprehensive information found within the three sections of Laurier’s Guide to Teaching, Learning and Assessment will lead you through reflective questions, strategies, best practices and research to help you better understand the teaching environment, and align your own instructional practice with the tools, content and opportunities for engagement that students need to thrive.

The guide is a useful resource that will allow you to lay an intentional, empathetic and outcomes-driven foundation upon which to build and maintain a highly-effective course experience for you and for your students.

Highlights include:

  • Building alignment between assessment and learning outcomes
  • Applying Universal Design principles to make course content more meaningful for all learners
  • Engaging and motivating learners
  • Promoting positive communication and collaboration with and between students?
  • Techniques for gathering formative feedback while you’re teaching

Conversations about Teaching Excellence

Teaching Excellence: A Laurier Conversation Series features discussions between Mary Wilson, Laurier’s vice-provost: Teaching and Learning, and the recent winners of the Donald F. Morgenson Awards for Teaching Excellence. The series delves into critical conversations on innovative and inclusive approaches to teaching; mentorship; student-centred learning; and the future of higher education. Watch on YouTube or listen on your favourite podcast app by adding the Laurier Teaching Podcast.

Weekly drop-in sessions on Zoom

If you’re teaching a course, we’re here every week to support your teaching and professional development goals, talk through your questions and experiences in your classroom, and discuss strategies to foster engagement and enthusiasm. Join a member of the Educational Development team in weekly online drop-in sessions to get support through your teaching journey.