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Master's Major Research Paper/Project (MRP)

The Major Research Paper/Project is the final requirement for many one-year masters programs, and generally represents the final requirement of the program. In some programs it represents a wrap-around project that expands on, and connects new knowledge mastered during the coursework phase, in other programs it may represent original research on an approved topic, and in some programs it may be a combination of both. Upon completion of a program with a MRP requirement, you are well-prepared to identify, to think critically about issues and current problems facing their discipline or profession.

Requirements and Expectations

If you are completing your master’s degree via the MRP route, consult the Graduate Academic Calendar for more details on the specific requirements and expectations of this program requirement. For example, you must be registered in the MRP course in the term in which you defend.

Apply to Graduate

Apply to graduate at your earliest opportunity! Do not wait until after you defend or submit the final requirements to do this, because you may miss your preferred graduation ceremony if you do not apply by the final date to be included.

Fall graduation applications typically open at the end of June and spring graduation applications typically open at the beginning of November.

The online application form can be found on LORIS, under the Student Services tab. Refer also to Convocation and graduation information for details on how and when to apply to graduate.

Successful Completion

Upon successful completion of the MRP requirement, the results are recorded on the Masters Thesis/MRP Oral Examination Report and the form is submitted by the MRP advisor to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

We will:

  • Make adjustments to registration and arrange for any applicable adjustments to tuition and fees. After this has been done, you may submit a refund request if you have a credit balance. Note that these adjustments will also impact any funding or OSAP you received for the term.
  • Forward notice of your completion to the Convocation team to confirm your eligibility to graduate.