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Managing Your Program

If you are taking graduate-level courses, you must be admitted into the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. As a degree-seeking graduate student, you are also enrolled in a specific graduate degree program within a faculty or school, and must maintain continuous registration (each term, three terms per year) in order to maintain your registration status at Laurier.

There are two important concepts you should understand around registration: registration status and course registration.

Registration Status

Registration status defines your pursuit of the graduate program (based upon your application for admission and the program in which you are enrolled), and impacts the tuition, financial support, and degree time limits.

Course Registration

Your graduate program typically requires some combination of seminar courses, and perhaps other milestone events such as a comprehensive exam, and/or an independent research project such as a major research paper, thesis or dissertation. In order to maintain continuous registration, your student record must include, each term, registration in a (seminar) course, or in some milestone event.

You enrol for courses using Laurier's Web Information System (LORIS). For those new to the university, LORIS might be intimidating at first; however, you can learn how to register for courses through Enrolment Service's Registration Guide. If you have any trouble, contact your graduate program for assistance.

Note: Students who had no registrarial activity in the previous fall, winter or spring terms must indicate their intention to return by emailing the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office.