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Managing Your Program

If you are taking graduate-level courses, you must be admitted into the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. As a degree-seeking graduate student, you are also enrolled in a specific graduate degree program within a faculty or school, and must maintain continuous registration (each term, three terms per year) in order to maintain your registration status at Laurier.

There are two important concepts you should understand around registration: course registration and registration status.

Course Registration 

Your graduate program typically requires some combination of seminar courses, and perhaps other milestone events such as a comprehensive exam, and/or an independent research project. In order to maintain continuous registration, you must be registered in at least one of the requirements listed, each term. Learn more about the course registration process

Registration Status

Registration status defines your pursuit of the graduate program (based upon your application for admission and the program in which you are enrolled), and impacts the tuition, financial support, and degree time limits.

University Policies and Procedures

You are expected to familiarize yourself with university policies. Refer to the graduate academic calendar for more information about responsibilities, policies and procedures pertaining to graduate education at Laurier.

Securely Submit Your Completed Academic Documents

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office has a variety of frequently used forms for a range of requests.

We now accept various completed documentation related to your academic journey via our FGPS Submission Form. Completed documentation can include the following: 

  • Valid Study Permit
  • Completed (and signed) GSAC petition
  • Medical documentation (for the purposes of a tuition or academic appeal)
  • Withdrawal form
  • Graduate Program Change Request form

Access to the FGPS Submission Form requires you to be signed in with your Laurier credentials (single sign-on). You are required to monitor your @mylaurier email address regularly should there be follow-up questions or requirements. Please allow up to 10 business days for any changes to be processed.