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Tuition Payment Plan Program

Enrolment in the Graduate Student Tuition Payment Plan is now closed for the fall 2018 term. 

Laurier provides graduate students with a unique tuition payment option designed to help alleviate the financial pressures of pursuing graduate studies. Graduate students can apply to participate in the plan on a per-term basis.

How the Plan Works 

Students enrolled in the plan can pay tuition fees in three (3) equal installments applied monthly to their financial account.

Cost of the Plan 

There is a $50 non-refundable service charge for each term a student is enrolled in the plan. This fee covers the administrative costs of implementing the plan.

Plan Eligibility 

Graduate students are eligible if their current term fees exceed $1,000 (after funding sources) and/or if they would incur more than $50 worth of late fees over the plan’s three-month duration.

What to Expect 

Plan approval notifications will be sent out to all applicants the week of Aug. 27 with plans being processed in the student account by Aug. 31. Instalments will applied on the third of each month.

Instalment Due Dates

  • First payment due date: Oct. 4* (this will include the $50 service charge and, if applicable, any other fees not eligible to be included in the plan)
  • Second payment due date: Nov. 1*
  • Third payment due date: Nov. 30*

*A late fee of 1.25% will apply on any balances not paid by the installment due date.


  • If you have outstanding fees from a previous term or have not fulfilled previous plan payments, you will not be eligible to participate in the plan unless the previous term's fees have been paid in full by the plan’s fall enrolment deadline.
  • OSAP recipients: if expected OSAP funding directed to Laurier will cover or exceed the amount of fees you are owing, enrolment in the plan is not recommended.
  • If a late, or an increase, of financial support becomes available after the plan has been implemented and results in a credit balance, the plan remains in place for the term. Any credit balance exceeding the remaining installments owing under the plan can be eligible for refund upon request.
  • If you are enrolled in a graduate program with a Major Research Paper/Thesis/Dissertation oral examination and already have a defence date scheduled or expect to complete all the degree requirements (defence and submission of final post-defence documents) by the end of the first month of the semester, you should not enrol in the plan.

Request to enrol in the plan by submitting the Graduate Student Tuition Payment Plan Form.