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Progression and Activity Reports

PhD Progress and Activity Reports

Every doctoral student is required to submit an annual progress and activity report to their advisor by April 15 annually. This report will then be reviewed by your advisor and commented upon by the full advisory committee. The full report (which includes both your statement and the advisor's submission) is then reviewed and acknowledged by you and your program's graduate officer.

The full report, including your submission, is due in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by June 1 annually. Late submission of this report may result in a delay of your financial support from the university.

If you hold a multi-year external scholarship (e.g. TriCouncil), this completed report will be used to confirm progression for continued eligibility and may be released to the granting agency if required for audit purposes.

Master’s Progress and Activity Reports

Master’s students are expected to maintain continuous registration in each semester (three semesters per year), unless on an approved leave. You must attain at least a B- grade in each course and, where required by the degree program, must present and defend an acceptable thesis/research paper.

Most two-year master's programs also require periodic progress reports. Consult the graduate coordinator for your program for details.

Academic Probation

You may be classified as a probationary student following a formal review by the department, school or faculty if:

  • You fail a course; or
  • You are permitted to continue in a program without fully meeting some requirements.

You remain on probation until the course or its equivalent is successfully completed or until some predetermined requirement or condition has been met. Failure to remove your probationary status within three terms will result in you being required to withdraw from the program.

Notice of Extended Absence

In order to qualify as a full-time graduate student, you must be geographically available to and visit the campus regularly. Without forfeiting full-time status, graduate students, while still under supervision, may be absent from the university (e.g., visiting libraries, doing field work, attending a graduate course at another institution, etc.).

If any period of absence exceeds four weeks in any one term, a Notice of Extended Absence must be submitted to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

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