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Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)


A Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) assists academic units in delivering their teaching mission. Teaching assistantships offer you the chance to support the learning of undergraduate students while building skills that will support you in your own academic career.

GTAs may be expected to provide informal and formal advice to students; assist in the grading of tests, papers, lab reports and final exams; and conduct tutorial or lab sessions. Assistantship functions do not include clerical, technical or administrative work not related to teaching.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship contracts are issued by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and are funded from university operating funds. Contact the academic program of interest directly to inquire about available positions. Contracts are offered in accordance with the university’s funding policies for students in research programs.

Working as a GTA

A training resource open to GTAs at Laurier provides access to practical information and resources to help you navigate and succeed in your important role on campus and in the classroom. Those interested in completing this training can register using the self-registration function on MyLearningSpace.

The relationship between you and your faculty supervisor should be mutually beneficial and rewarding. The toolkit explores the responsibilities of both the GTA and faculty supervisor in the employment relationship. The training modules include recommendations about the format of the introductory meeting with faculty supervisors and ongoing meetings and support.

The toolkit also includes information regarding performance expectations, relevant employment legislation to be aware of, and university policies and supports.

By the end of the training, you should be able to:

  • Describe GTA and faculty supervisor responsibilities and expectations.
  • Identify the purpose of GTA and faculty supervisor meetings.
  • Observe employment rules and regulations.

Developing Your Skills

The Student Teaching Development team offers workshops and certificates to help you develop transferrable teaching skills for the classroom and the workplace.