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Participant Testimonials

Check out what some of the participants from the 2019 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition had to say about their experiences connecting with fellow student-researchers and sharing their academic passions with the Laurier community.


What Graduate Students Are Saying

Lindsey Feltis

MA, Developmental Psychology

"Participating in Laurier's 3MT competition this year was one of my favourite experiences of my graduate studies so far. Presenting my master's thesis in three minutes for my peers was a challenge, but so exciting and rewarding. It was also so cool to see all of the incredible research happening at Laurier and it made me very proud to be a Golden Hawk."

Karun Karki

PhD, Social Work

"The 3MT presentation provided me such a unique opportunity to showcase my research, and perhaps more importantly, it was the most valuable experience to learn how to talk about your research in a simple but appealing manner. It definitely improved my research-communication skills. I strongly encourage every undergraduate and graduate student to participate."

Brianna Hunt

MA, Community Psychology

"The 3MT is a great way to help you to make your research accessible to a broad audience, and the practice of public speaking can help to prepare you for future presentations!"

Mariam Elmarsafy

MSc, Integrative Biology

"I was nervous at the time, but I would definitely recommend the 3MT to other students because it challenges you to rethink how to talk about your thesis and share it as a story rather than data, which has been helpful to talk about science to everyone! I think there is always great value in looking at things from a different perspective. Doing my research at Laurier has been amazing, there's no other place I would have wanted to study. I've been able to get unique hands-on experiences and I have an amazing community around me that supports me and guides my research."

Julia Empey

PhD, English and Film

"The 3MT was an amazing opportunity to share my research with a platform not often afforded to students in my discipline."

Daniel Saugh

PhD, Martin Luther University College

"I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the 3MT hosted by Laurier. As a graduate student, it helped me in really learning to be more concise and simplify at times complex concepts in practical language. It is one of the best ways to share in a fun but academically challenging environment, a means to sharpen one's ability to communicate effectively/precisely, and also learn about the exciting research and cutting-edge topics at my university! I hope I have the opportunity to participate again in the future!"


What Undergraduate Students Are Saying

Brianna Miller

BSc, Geography

"Being a researcher at Laurier has been nothing short of amazing. Undergraduate thesis students tend to be overlooked as researchers but, Laurier has provided a space for them to present their hard work to their peers. It may sound daunting to get up in front of an audience for three minutes and explain what can be complex ideas; however, I highly recommend it. Practicing the skill to effectively communicate research to an unspecialized audience is an extremely valuable skill. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage as an undergrad of this unique opportunity to take pride in your research."

Merelle Tadros

BSc, Health Sciences

"Participating in the 3MT, as a second-year Health Sciences student, was an experience of a lifetime. I got the opportunity to conduct a literature scope review to broaden my knowledge on a topic that greatly piqued my interest, the health benefits of cannabis. Even better than that, I got to share my new found findings with others and that wouldn't be the case if I hadn't participated! It's a good opportunity to highlight the relevance of your research to a general population. On top of that, everyone running the competition was very kind and truly wanted you to be comfortable. All I have to say is go for it, you have nothing to lose!"