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Departmental Research Ethics Review

If your research qualifies for departmental ethics review, you must fill out a REC Review Application form and submit it to your department's research ethics committee (REC). If your department does not have a REC (check for REC), submit your ethics application to the Research Ethics Board, using the ROMEO research portal.

Before completing the form, you must review Laurier’s Policy 11.13 on Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans.

All individuals listed on the application for review must also complete the current online TCPS2 Course on Research Ethics (CORE) and provide proof of completion.

Be sure to complete the form and provide all relevant attachments listed in the checklist. Projects with incomplete or inadequate forms and supporting materials take longer to process.  Once you submit your application, your department’s REC will usually request changes and/or ask clarifying questions. The REC Chair must review the revised application, including any changes, and provide clearance prior to beginning research. Participant recruitment can not begin until you've received REC clearance.

Once your project has received clearance, you cannot change or modify it without clearance from your department’s REC. You must obtain this clearance before implementing any changes. To request clearance, email your REC.

All correspondence related to your application will be sent to your Laurier email address. 

How to Apply

  1. Complete the REC Review Application form.
  2. Attach a copy of the TCPS 2 CORE Certificate for all individuals listed on the application (students and supervisors). CORE certificates must be renewed every four years.
  3. Send all completed forms and attachments, including your information and consent letter for participants, to your department’s REC for review. See list below. Submitting the form confirms that you have read and agree to comply with Laurier’s Policy 11.13 on Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans.
  4. Wait for clearance from your departmental REC prior to recruiting participants or beginning your research.

Departmental Research Ethics Committee (REC) Contacts 

Departmental REC Documents