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Undergraduate Student Research Awards Announced

The prestigious Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs) have been announced for 2017.

These awards, which are open to students in the departments of Biology, Business, Chemistry and BiochemistryEconomics, Geography and Environmental Studies, Kinesiology and Physical Education, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and Psychology, enable undergraduate students with strong potential as researchers to spend a summer working as research assistants.

NSERC contributes $4,500 per student and the principal investigator, usually a faculty member, contributes an amount from his or her research funding. This year, total per-student funding for USRAs ranged from $5,625 to $8,500.

This year, 26 Laurier students received a USRA. In addition, three non-Laurier students received USRAs to work with a Laurier faculty member. Laurier students awarded are as follows:

  • Aitcheson-Huehn, Nikki, Year 4. Supervisor: Mike Cinelli, Kinesiology.
  • Bahar, Rebecca, Year 2. Supervisor: Matt Smith, Biology.
  • Branco, Alexandra, Year 2. Supervisor: Pam Bryden, Kinesiology.
  • Broad, Abigail, Year 3. Supervisor: Tom Hazell, Kinesiology.
  • Cento, Liv, Year 2. Supervisor: Geoffrey Horsman, Chemistry.
  • Cowan, Hannah, Year 4. Supervisor: Kim Roberts, Psychology.
  • Cruickshank, Katrina, Year 4. Supervisor: Philip Servos, Psychology.
  • Delfinis, Luca, Year 3. Supervisor: Jayne Kalmar, Kinesiology.
  • Herrington-Krause, Shanee, Year 5. Supervisor: Stephanie DeWitte-Orr, Biology.
  • Hiebert, Ryan, Year 4. Supervisor: Jonathan Wilson, Biology.
  • Kariyawasam, Dilshan, Year 4. Supervisor: Philip Marsh, Geography.
  • LaPierre, Keiralyn, Year 4. Supervisor: Todd Ferretti, Psychology.
  • Le, An, Year 3. Supervisor: Ian Hamilton, Chemistry.
  • Ledlie, Shaleesa, Year 4. Supervisor: Kim Roberts, Psychology.
  • McCaig, Rachel Ann, Year 2. Supervisor: Jeffery Jones, Psychology.
  • Merkel, Owen, Year 3. Supervisor: Kathleen Cameron, Mathematics.
  • Micks, Nicole, Year 2. Supervisor: Diano F. Marrone, Psychology.
  • Mindorff, Leah, Year 2. Supervisor: Jim McGeer, Biology.
  • Naraine, Cameron, Year 3. Supervisor: Li Wei, Physics and Computer Science.
  • Negotei, Alexandra, Year 2. Supervisor: Mike Wilkie, Biology.
  • Pacosz, Julia, Year 3. Supervisor: Stephanie DeWitte-Orr, Biology.
  • Parent, Jenna, Year 1. Supervisor: Jeffery Jones, Psychology.
  • Paul, Christina, Year 3. Supervisor: Scott Smith, Chemistry.
  • Roy, Kislay, Year 4. Supervisor: Kathleen Cameron, Mathematics.
  • Tuero, Jake, Year 5. Supervisors: Angele Hamel and Chinh Hoang, Physics and Computer Science.
  • Wszolek, Kacper, Year 3. Supervisor: Kenneth Maly, Chemistry.

The students from other institutions awarded USRAs at Laurier are as follows:

  • Bolohan, Noah, University of Ottawa. Supervisor: Cristina Stoica, Mathematics.
  • Davis, Jack, University of Waterloo. Supervisor: Shohini Ghose, Physics and Computer Science.
  • Neary, Laura, University of Waterloo. Supervisor: Brent Wolf, Geography.