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Faculty and Staff Listing

Jeff Jones
Associate Vice-President: Research (Interim)

Deborah Arnal
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President: Research

Research Services

Charity Parr-Vasquez 
Director, Office of Research Services

Ildiko de Boer
Manager, Research Facilitation and Research Facilitator (Natural Sciences)

David Cuff
Research Facilitator (Social Sciences and Humanities)

Shane Dixon
Research Facilitator (Brantford)

Sean Lockwood
Research Facilitator (Balsillie School of International Affairs and Lazaridis School of Business and Economics)

Karen Kawawada
Research Communications Officer

Allison McManus
Strategic Initiatives Officer

Shawna Reibling
Knowledge Mobilization Officer

Louisa Ho
Industry Relations Specialist

Research Finance

Jeanette Uri
Manager, Research Finance

Sofia Man
Research Finance Project Accountant

René Soto
Research Finance Administrator

Mariana Horvat
Research Finance Accountant

Anne White
Research Finance Compliance Officer

Research Ethics

Jayne Kalmar
Chair, Research Ethics Board
Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Physical Education

Una Glisic
Manager, Research Compliance and Strategic Initiatives

Courtney Lunt
Research Compliance Officer