Faculty of Arts: Approved Leave of Absence for International Students

This form is for use by students studying on a study permit in the Faculty of Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University. You must speak with an international student advisor at Laurier International and your academic advisor before you submit your request of an approved leave of absence.

Conditions for Leaves of Absence

IRCC states that students may require leaves of absence during their studies while in Canada. To ensure you are considered as actively pursuing your studies:

  • Any leave taken must not exceed 150 days.
  • Leaves must be authorized by the university.

If you do not resume studies within 150 days, you must change your immigration status to visitor or leave Canada. If you do not change your status or leave Canada, you will be considered non-compliant with your study permit conditions.

Note: If you have multiple leaves for various reasons, even if approved by Laurier, an IRCC officer may still determine that you have not fulfilled the condition of actively pursuing your studies.

Examples of Leaves of Absence

IRCC lists the following as examples of reasons for a leave of absence:

  • medical illness or injury
  • pregnancy
  • family emergency
  • death or serious illness of a family member
  • change in program of study within the same institution, outside a regularly scheduled break

Next Steps

You will be contacted via your MyLaurier email:

  • if the committee has questions regarding your request, and
  • to indicate the result of your application (approved/rejected).

Approval emails will include a letter to IRCC confirming the start and end date of your approval and the steps taken by you to get said approval. Applicable fees will be re-assessed and pro-rated according to the effective date of withdrawal for the current term (refer to LORIS).

It is strongly recommended that you keep all documentation regarding your request and approval for a leave of absence for your own records. The approved leave of absence letter provided is only used to supplement your documentation to IRCC for future applications.

Note: Even with an approval from the university, final decisions on IRCC applications will be made by an IRCC officer at their discretion.

If you have any questions, email laurierinternational@wlu.ca.