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Alternate-Format Services

Alternate-format course materials includes electronic text (e-text), Braille or other formats such as captioned video. Your accommodation plan that you have created with your consultant will indicate if you require alternate-format materials.

Requesting an Alternate Format

There are three steps to requesting an alternate format:

  1. Submit the courses from your LORIS registration for each term that you’re registered in to the Alt-Format Request Form at
  2. Purchase your textbooks and keep your receipts.
  3. Bring your receipts and a formatted USB memory stick to the transcription technologist to receive your material.

Getting Your Alternate-Format Materials

Check the Zotero link in your confirmation email and search by subject to see if your materials are completed. As soon as a book is available, bring your USB memory stick to 1C10A in the Arts Building (Waterloo) or DAL105 (Brantford) to pick it up.

Scanning Books

In some cases books will need to be scanned by the ALC if they are not available from the publishers. You will receive an email if this is necessary. A high-speed scanner (that can do a 500-page book in about 20 minutes) is available in the Digital Media Centre on the first floor of the Library on the Waterloo campus. The spines will be cut off your texts (a service available through Printing Services at 202 Regina St.) and re-bound to do this.

Students on the Brantford campus can speak to the transcription administrator to access this option.

This method of creating e-text is recommended when texts are easy to scan and edit, or if you need your material right away.