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Technology for Exams and Quizzes

Exam accommodations that use assistive technology (AT) have devices or software set up for use during a specific exam.

Information you need to know about using assistive technology for an exam:

  • To arrange reading software or other technology for an exam, talk with your consultant.
  • Although software you regularly use may have many features, some may not be available during your exam (e.g. spell check). Check with your consultant if you have any questions about what features will be available during an exam.
  • It is expected that all students who have registered AT exam accommodations:
    • Are familiar and comfortable with the technology that they’re using;
    • Know how proctors are allowed to assist them during an exam; and
    • Understand how to ask for help with AT during an exam.

If you have any questions about using AT for exams, contact the assistive technologist.

Online Exams

It’s important to discuss any online exams or quizzes with your consultant as soon as possible to ensure you will have an exam format that will be compatible with the assistive technology that you use.
If you are taking an online exam using reading software, test material similar to the exam with (a practice quiz or reading sample) beforehand, if possible. For questions or help checking your materials, contact the assistive technologist.

My Learning Space works with most major reading software, so typical short-answer, long-answer and multiple-choice questions are readable with Kurzweil, Zoom Text, Jaws and VoiceOver. Practice quizzes are available in almost all courses.

Other formats such as publisher websites may not have quizzes compatible with some software; if this is the case, we will work with you and your instructor to find a solution.