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Accommodation Planning, Programs and Services

Accommodation Planning

Once you have registered with the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC), you will be assigned a disability consultant. The consultant plays a key role in the development and implementation of your accommodation plan. They work one-on-one with you to determine appropriate academic accommodations and supports. You will go through your consultant for all your needs related to exam accommodation, note taking, faculty liaison, assignments, bursaries for students with disabilities, referrals for learning strategy and assistive technology support, and other university or community services.

Your accommodation plan details the services and supports that will be implemented based on the documentation provided. Each plan is unique and geared toward your documented needs. The plan will clearly indicate which items/tasks are the responsibility of the consultant and which are your responsibility.

Accommodation plans are active documents and can be reviewed and amended at any time, as appropriate, with your consultant.

Accommodation Programs and Services

There are a number of programs and services implemented by the ALC to support you academically:

Other Academic Resources