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Tutors provide one-on-one assistance in a specific subject area. We maintain a list of approved tutors whom we have interviewed, but you are welcome to search for your own tutor.

Working with a tutor is not guaranteed to improve your grades. Rather, it is a tool to assist your learning. Tutors can answer questions, provide additional explanations and assist your studying.

Both you and your tutor must follow academic integrity guidelines. Tutors can help you understand the content of a course, but they cannot complete the work for you.

Tutors are paid an hourly fee ($20-$30 an hour), and your consultant can assist you with exploring options for financial assistance to help with the cost of tutors.

How to Request a Tutor

  • Your consultant will approve your request for a tutor. In some cases, tutoring may be covered by the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) or the Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary (ALAB). Eligibility for the BSWD and ALAB will be determined by Student Awards. You must apply to OSAP to determine your eligibility for either of these bursaries.
  • Complete the request form with your consultant. Once you submit this form, names will be forwarded to you. You are responsible for making contact and choosing the tutor with whom you wish to work.
  • Fees for tutoring range between $20 and $30 an hour, depending on the tutor’s level of education and experience. Please pay the tutor after each session. If you meet with the tutor before you receive your bursary cheque, it is your responsibility to pay for the tutor directly. If it is determined that you are not eligible for the bursary, it is still your responsibility to pay the tutor.
  • Use the "Tutor Receipt Form" (available from the educational planner or from your consultant) to keep track of your tutoring sessions.
  • If you are using bursary funds, hand in the signed "Tutor Receipt form" to the main office by the end of the term.

Issues With Your Tutor

It is your responsibility to contact the Accessible Learning Centre or your consultant if you are not satisfied with your tutor or if you have any questions or concerns. You are not required to continue with your tutor if you are not satisfied. However, if you discontinue working with your tutor, you are required to pay for the sessions up to that point.