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Documentation Requirements

Due to current circumstances, the Accessible Learning Centre CANNOT accept documentation submitted by Canada Post/mail. Documentation should be submitted electronically, either through direct upload to Accessible Learning Online or by submission to


If you are looking to access academic accommodations through the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC), current supporting documentation completed by a professional qualified to diagnose a disability is required.

Documentation must be submitted on letterhead with the original signature and include the following:

  • Confirmation of the presence of a disability.
  • Functional impact of disability and/or treatment plan on academics.
  • Specific recommendations regarding appropriate academic accommodation.

Documentation Requirements By Disability Category

The ALC has provided forms to assist your qualified professional in reporting information about your condition that restricts your ability to participate in the postsecondary environment.

Documentation must be uploaded as a single document, in pdf format. The ALC cannot accept documentation uploaded as individual pages, or in formats such as jpeg or png. Apps like CamScanner or Microsoft Office Lens can be used to convert documentation into the acceptable format.

Accessibility: If you require any of the forms in an alternate, accessible format, contact the ALC office in Waterloo or Brantford.

Interim Documentation

If you do not have a current assessment you may, upon receipt of copies of previous assessments and/or Individual Education Plans (IEPs), be provided with limited interim support and accommodations while awaiting a current assessment to be completed within the prescribed timeline.

If you are unable to provide updated documentation that meets ALC documentation requirements, you can provide copies of outdated documentation for consideration of interim accommodations. Access to interim accommodations are often provided until the end of one academic term while you acquire appropriate documentation.

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding your documentation or documentation requirements.

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