Contacts and Feedback

ALC staff are here to assist and to answer your questions! Use the staff directory below to connect with an ALC staff member. If you have general questions or not sure who to contact, email us at 

Accessible Learning Staff Directory


We Want Your Feedback

The ALC is committed to delivering high quality services to students and faculty in a manner that is accessible, respectful, and fair. If you are concerned about the quality of service you received from the ALC, please share your feedback using our Feedback Form. A member of the ALC leadership team will respond to your feedback in a timely manner.



Intake and Consultant Team

Members of the Intake and Consultant team determine student eligibility for ALC services and design academic accommodation and support plans for eligible students to facilitate their equitable access to the learning environment.

Accommodation Services

Members of the Accommodation Services team facilitate accommodations and support services. 

Adaptive Technologists identify mainstream and adaptive technologies that best support students in their learning and train them in how to use these technologies efficiently and effectively.

Educational Support Coordinators work with instructors to recruit volunteer note-takers, link students to qualified tutors and arrange other personal supports as required by student accommodation plans.

Exam Coordinators collaborate with instructors to schedule and administer final exams, midterms and in-class tests or quizzes for students who have exam accommodations.

Invigilation Assistants help exam coordinators, instructors, proctors and students with many exam-related details, such as printing, distributing and collecting exams, ensuring computers are working, and issues that arise during exams.

Learning Strategists design individualized learning plans that help students develop or improve their skills in studying, taking notes, planning assignments, studying for and writing exams, and time management.

Transcriptionists facilitate student access to accessible electronic or print course materials, including textbooks, course packs and other teaching materials.