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Approved Exam Accommodations

Your consultant will review your approved accommodations with you. Approval of accommodations is based on the documentation received and accommodations are not subject to change (or interpretation) without approval of the consultant. The following is a brief summary of some accommodations and how they are implemented.

Use of a Computer

Only Accessible Learning Centre (ALC) approved computers will be used (desktops or laptops, depending on location and availability). Microsoft Word will be available only to students with grammar, spelling and punctuation considerations as an accommodation.

You are encouraged to save your work frequently to avoid loss of vital information.

Memory aids or cue sheets

Memory aids or cue sheets are permitted only if recommended in a neuro-psychological or a psycho-educational assessment. Memory aids must be approved by the professor (your responsibility) and given to your consultant prior to the exam. 

Breaks as Needed and Washroom Use

You must remain visible to the proctor at all times and are instructed to use only indicated washrooms. Leaving the area during a break for any reason is not permitted.

Other Equipment

You are expected to provide your own noise-cancelling headsets (if required) or headphones (for use with Kurzweil or Dragon). If noise is a concern, earplugs can be made available by the ALC upon request.

Only non-programmable calculators are permitted when “use of a calculator” is an approved accommodation.