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Exam Accommodation and Schedules

Examination accommodations are the most widely used service by students registered with the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC). Tests, quizzes, in-class essays, midterms and final exams can be accommodated if they are 30 minutes or longer. Visit the Approved Exam Accommodations page to learn more about exam accommodations and how they are implemented.

Exam accommodations are not designed to give you an extra edge over other students, but rather to help you achieve alongside your classmates. We follow the same policy established by Laurier’s Enrolment Services, and the same code of conduct for student behaviour during the exam process applies whether you write at one of our locations or with your class. If you are eligible to receive this important service, there are certain responsibilities you must uphold.

How to Activate Your Accommodations

All tests, midterms and final exams bookings have fixed deadlines as set out below and must be booked through Accessible Learning Online. To request an exam accommodation, you must first be registered with the ALC and have submitted your Annual ALC Consent Form. If these steps are complete, you may request an exam accommodation using the following steps:

  1. Log in to Accessible Learning Online using your Laurier network credentials.
  2. Scroll to the "Select Accomodations for Your Class" heading.
  3. Under "Step 1: Select Class(es)," select the course you wish to request an exam accommodation for.
  4. Click "Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations."
  5. Scroll to "Select Accommodation(s) for..." and select "Exam Accommodations" from your approved list of accommodations.
  6. Select "Submit Your Accommodation Requests." Your request for exam accommodations has been submitted for this course. Repeat this process for each course you would like to request exam accommodations in.
  7. Ensure that you follow the steps below to request to book to write your test/midterms, finals, and quizzes over 30 minutes with the Accessible Learning Centre.

Booking Your Exams

  1. Navigate to Accessible Learning Online.
  2. Be sure to activate your accommodations in Accessible Learning Online prior to making an exam request. 
  3. Go to the exam accommodations link on the left-hand sidebar of your Accessible Learning Online home screen. This will take you to the Alternative Testing screen where you can schedule exams and view exams that you have scheduled previously. 
  4. Under the ‘alternative testing contract,” select the course from the drop down box for the exam you want to request. 
  5. Under “alternative testing contract,” select the course from the drop down box for the exam you want to request. You can also view the times/days the professor has submitted under the “view alternative testing detail” button.
  6. Read the terms and conditions of scheduling an exam.
  7. On the exam detail screen, you will enter the specifics of the exam or test you are scheduling. Be sure to enter the information correctly. Request the type of exam: test/midterm, final, or quiz (30 minutes or longer). In-class essays or written lab exams can be booked under test/midterm.*
  8. Add the campus location that your course is being taught at.
  9. Enter the date of the test/midterm, final, or quiz (30 minutes or longer) - this is the scheduled date as indicated by the professor or the syllabus.
  10. Enter the time – this is the start time of the test/midterm, final, or quiz (30 minutes or longer). Typically it is the start time of the class, unless otherwise indicated by your professor or the syllabus.
  11. Services requested: click the check box next to each accommodation that you are requesting. 
  12. Finally, the additional notes section can be used to inform the ALC exam staff of any other pertinent information for that particular exam (for example, there is a lecture to follow and you need to start early). 
  13. Click “Add Exam Request” to submit your request. 
  14. You will then see a message at the top of the screen that the request has been submitted successfully. In addition, you will receive an automated email indicating that the exam request has been submitted. Once it has been approved, you will receive an email indicating your exam request was approved. 
  15. If you submit an exam request after the booking deadline, you will receive a message letting you know that the request was late. You will be notified by the office if it has been approved or declined. All late requests will be subject to approval.

*Note: You will only be able to submit a final exam request once you have received the date for the final exam. The university publishes final exam dates typically at week 5 or 6 of the fall and winter semesters. In-class final exams – e.g. final exams which take place during the 12 week term and for which you have a date in the syllabus – can be booked prior to the university releasing the final exam dates.

Exam Booking Deadlines

Exam Booking Deadlines for 2018/19


Midterms/Tests/In-Class Essays



Sept. 20, 2018

Nov. 9, 2018


Jan. 19, 2019

March 9, 2019


May 21, 2019

July 8, 2019


May 13, 2019

June 3, 2019


July 15, 2019

Aug. 6, 2019

Note: If you have missed a booking deadline, any request submitted after the specified date is a late exam request. Please be aware that exams booked less than five business days from the deadline date cannot be guaranteed because we require processing time.

Confirming Exam Times and Locations

  1. Go to “My Dashboard” or click on “Alternative Testing” in the left tool bar. All of your approved requested exam bookings will be displayed there.
  2. Room assignments will appear three days prior to any exam date.

You will also receive a reminder email with your exam details and room location.


ALC examination coordinators are available on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses to address any questions or concerns you have related to the exam process. You can contact them at (Waterloo) or (Brantford).