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Financial Aid for Accessible Learning Students

As a student registered with the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC), there are several funding options available to you. We encourage you to apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) before beginning your studies at Laurier, because OSAP is often a steppingstone to additional funding opportunities.

Bursary for Students with Disabilities

The federal and provincial governments jointly fund the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD). This bursary provides funds for academic supports and services. Application to the bursary is supervised and approved at the discretion of the consultants.

To qualify for the BSWD, you must apply and qualify for the Ontario Student Assistance Plan (OSAP), enrol in a minimum 40% course load in the current academic term, and be registered with the ALC. Funding from the BSWD covers disability-related costs not included in OSAP assistance (e.g. psycho-educational assessment, tutors, or one-time purchase of assistive devices such as computers, software, recorders, etc.). Unlike OSAP, the BSWD does not need to be repaid.

To ensure bursary funding is being used appropriately and adheres to government guidelines, students must provide receipts for any bursary money received. A full explanation of this process is available. If receipts or repayments of unused funding are not received in a timely manner, a hold may be placed on your account. To avoid this, please remit receipts/repayments as soon as possible.

Receipts cannot pre-date the bursary application, with the exception of receipts for psycho-educational assessments (to a maximum of six months, pre-paid receipt). Any receipts that pre-date the bursary application will not be accepted.

Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary

Students registered with the ALC, but who do not qualify for OSAP, may be eligible for the Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary (ALAB). The ALAB is a needs-based bursary, and the funding assists in meeting similar disability-related expenses as the BSWD, but the amount available is limited. Speak with your consultant at the start of the term regarding your eligibility. Application to this bursary is supervised and approved at the discretion of the consultants.

Note: Both the BSWD and the ALAB can be used only for approved academic-related needs related to your disability. They cannot be used for books, housing, tuition or prescriptions. If you are uncertain, speak to your consultant.

Additional Financial Supports and Services