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Laurier Life

Laurier Life (LL101) is your exclusive guide to all things Laurier as you prepare for a successful first year. This platform is only available to incoming first year students, and gives you the opportunity to chat with other first year students, gain insights on how to manage your classes, find out how to access campus supports, and learn how to join campus clubs and activities.

LL101 is found by logging into MyLearningSpace, Laurier’s online course management system (where you will find all of your course information throughout your time at Laurier). You can complete LL101 in as little as one hour or log in regularly to connect with other new students and attend some virtual events – you decide how to make LL101 work for you.

When logged into LL101, you can:

  • Meet and chat with other first-year students.
  • View how-to videos, access downloadable resources, and get tips from senior students.
  • View recorded virtual events such as webinars, Program Chats, or Mock Lectures.
  • Learn more about joining campus clubs, staying active, and living the virtual student life.

Login Information

To access LL101, visit and log in with the same ID and password that you used to create your MyLaurier email account.

myls-select-course-icon.jpgOnce you are logged in, click the "Select a course..." icon (shown right) from the menu bar, and select "LL101 – Laurier Life" from the list of available courses.

Academic Preparation Certificate

In addition to the LL101 programming on, you also have the opportunity to complete an Academic Preparation Certificate. You can complete the certificate in Laurier Life until January 31, 2021. The certificate will introduce you to key resources and strategies in areas such as study skills, university-level writing, and academic integrity. Completing the certificate is not required, but it is a great way to start preparing for a strong academic start to your first year.

As a added bonus, if you complete the certificate, it will be automatically added to your Laurier Experience Record!