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Laurier Life 101

Whether you are new to Laurier or new to Canada, Laurier Life 101 (LL101) will be your guide to all things Laurier as you prepare for a successful first year. Gain insights on how to manage your classes, find out how to access campus supports, learn about when to apply for jobs, and learn how to join campus clubs and activities.

LL101 is found by logging into MyLearningSpace, Laurier’s online course management system (where you will find all of your course information throughout your time at Laurier). You can complete LL101 in as little as one hour or log in regularly over the summer to connect with other new students – you decide how to make LL101 work for you.

When logged into LL101, you can:

  • Find out where to eat, where to park, where to work out, where to buy groceries, how to find a job, and much, much more.
  • Access past course outlines and review strategies to help you prepare for your classes.
  • View how-to videos, access downloadable resources, and get tips from senior students.
  • Meet and chat with other first-year students.

Login Information

To access LL101, visit and log in with the same ID and password that you used to create your MyLaurier email account.

myls-select-course-icon.jpgOnce you are logged in, click the "Select a course..." icon (shown right) from the menu bar, and select "LL101 – An Introduction to Life at Laurier" from the list of available courses.


In addition to the LL101 programming on, you can register for webinars on the following topics:

  • Living in Residence
  • Last Chance to Chat Before You Pack

Please contact if you are in need of an accessible version of any of our webinar recordings.